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Tue, January 29th, 2008 by Graves and Allen

Rim Storms Ahead With Its Newest Blackberry

Blackberry Storm

(Photo courtesy of RIM)
Last week I wrote about the Blackberry Bold, identifying it as the best piece of hardware RIM (Research in Motion) ( 007 Casino Royale film ) had produced to date.

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I also noted that the Bold’s tenure at the top lasted about as long as a full moon, since RIM released the Storm shortly after the Bold. As good as the Bold is, I like the Storm better.

Why do I prefer the Storm? First of all, it provides all the services and capabilities of the Bold and more. It’s included camera produces 3.2 megapixel stills (compared to 2.0 for the Bold). The camera includes automatic flash, automatic focus and a 2x digital zoom.

The Storm also does videos, plays music, handles text messages, does email as well as any Blackberry device ever has (and I have thought Blackberry did the best job with email of any PDA or multi-function phone for some time).

Other features include built-in GPS, Blackberry Maps, SMS/MMS, Bluetooth and Micro SD card support. The phone works on Verizon’s 3G system (you can only get it with Verizon service for the present time).

Because it works on the 3G system, downloads run fairly quickly.

The large (3.25“) transmissive TFT LCD display supports over 65,000 colors and produces a resolution of 480 x 360.

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What really sets the Storm aside, however, is the new SurePress touch screen technology employed by RIM in the device. The Dark Half download The Storm has no physical keyboard, no dial and no trackball. You navigate by pressure and motion on the touch screen. Although the screen presents a solid surface, when you press it, you feel a physical click response as confirmation of the completion of the contact. The large icons and virtual keys make it pretty easy to get around and to use the keyboard. The technology offers a lot of cool options as well. Deception movie download You can use the Storm in landscape or portrait mode. If you use it in portrait mode while making a phone call, you get a virtual telephone pad. If you use it in portrait mode while performing a text function (such as email), you get a keypad similar to that on the Pearl (2 characters per key) and relatively small keys. If you turn it to landscape mode, the Storm senses the position and gives you a full virtual QWERTY keypad with large keys.

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