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Wed, March 12th, 2008 by Graves and Allen

Presentation Technology

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I spent the day taking a class in presentation and visual explanation in San Francisco. Although the class provides no CLE credit, I found it very useful. I strongly recommend it to anyone doing trial work, teaching or making any type of presentations. The instructor, Edward Tufte, has written four books on the subject (you get all of them as part of the fee for the course).

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The books are worth having and contain much useful information and many examples. Balls Out: Gary the Tennis Coach psp

By way of background, Tufte is a Professor Emeritus at Yale (he taught statistical evidence and information design courses). He also taught at Princeton (Professor of Public Affairs). His class is a one-day road show. The Age of Stupid trailer You can get his schedule from his website (

Tufte is an engaging speaker who presented information in a professional manner, much as one would expect to receive it in a college-level course.

For those interested in such things, Tufte did the presentation with Macs.

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