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Samsung Blackjack 2

Bridget Jones’s Diary the movie While I do not like the Windows mobile OS all that much, the current iteration has proven reasonably reliable and satisfactory. The Blackjack 2 is one of the best Windows-based smart phones that I have found. I like the form factor as it fits neatly in a shirt pocket and still provides a reasonably sized screen (non touch) and keyboard. Love Actually download Samsung has significantly improved the battery life over the original Blackjack.

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If you want to go with a Windows device, take a look at the Blackjack 2. We Own the Night download Lars and the Real Girl film

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It has proven quite satisfactory as a telephone and adequate to handle eMail.  I prefer both the Blackberry’s and the iPhone’s eMail handling to the Blackjack/Windows Mobile package, but it will get you your eMail and give you the ability to respond to it.  The Blackjack 2 will also handle pictures, music and storage of other information.

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