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Thu, January 22nd, 2009 by Graves and Allen

iPhone App Organization.

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I would like to find my iPhone Apps more easily than the current system allows.  Here’s a suggestion for the folks at Apple. How about in the next iteration of iTunes, you include a means of organizing the order in which apps appear on the iPhone/iPod Touch? Another good idea would be a means of relocating the icons to specific page or allowing icons to be grouped on the phone. The current mechanism only allows you to move an icon from one place to another. If you move it to a currently fully populated page, you have no control over which icon on the new page it replaces.

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Fri, January 9th, 2009 by Graves and Allen

On Using Netbooks

As most of you know, I have a strong preference for the Mac platform over the Windows platform. Notwithstanding that preference, I have continued to work with and explore the Windows platform so as to enable me to test software, evaluate it and report on it.  Recently the manufacturers of computers (other than Apple) that run Windows software have offered less and less expensive computers.  They have finally gotten to the point that instead of a premium for smallness and lightness, they are selling small, highly portable and lightweight computers for $300-400.

Manufacturers and pundits have joined in labeling the small new computers “netbooks”.  Understand that netbooks were intended to serve as traveling companions.  Notwithstanding that, some of the netbooks function sufficiently well that those with relatively light computer needs may choose to use a netbook as their primary computer.  While I require more power for many of the things that I do, often a netbook works just fine when I travel.  Often when traveling, I do not need more than a web and email appliance, a perfect use for the netbook.

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RV movies Most netbooks weigh less than 3 pounds and have 10“ or smaller displays making them small enough and light enough to travel easily.  The smaller size also means a smaller keyboard, which cuts against using it for serious word processing.  Most of them have single-core processors (the Atom processor is very popular).  When you look at netbooks, you may be surprised to learn that many manufacturers package them with XP Home.  (And you thought you couldn’t get XP any more…..)  Don’t try upgrading to Vista, the netbooks can’t handle the overhead and generally can’t take the RAM required for Vista to run well.  Count that as a blessing as XP remains the system of choice in the Windows world.  Netbooks generally come with wireless Internet capabilities and with an on-board webcam.  CD/DVD ROM drives cost extra and connect via USB ports.  You can get one for around $100 and use it to load software and to play DVDs.  Alternatively, you can download movie content to the S10 and play it back without connecting to a DVD drive.

When it comes to netbooks, you have a lot of choices.  I looked at several of them before finally deciding on the Lenovo S10 Ideapad.  I got my S10 at the end of December and have been quite happy with it.  Lenovo ( currently has the S10 on sale for $399 ($50 discount from list).

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