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Tue, August 25th, 2009 by Graves and Allen

ABA Journal Legal Rebels

The ABA Journal recently embarked upon the “legal rebels” journey to places far and near. I have reproduced below an email I received from the ABA’s managing rebel, Ed Adams, describing the legal rebels phenomenon and giving you ways to follow and participate in the trek. I thought I would share the information with all of you. Enjoy!

Image courtesy of ABA Journal

Image courtesy of ABA Journal

We thought you and your blawg’s readers would be interested in the ABA Journal’s Legal Rebels project, which launches today. Over the course of the next three months, we’ll be profiling 50 of the profession’s leading innovators at The first seven profiles, along with videos and audio slideshows that illustrate the changes they’re trying to make in the practice of law, are now online. We’ll be adding at least three new profiles to the site every week until Thanksgiving. You can also directly participate in the project: Sign ( the Rebels Manifesto, which was written by lawyers nationwide. Ride shotgun ( our two-week Rebels Tour, kicking off Sept. 14. Stay connected ( to the project through your favorite social media tool. Check out ( what lawyers are saying about the Rebels. Buy ( the Rebels T-shirt featured on our September cover, a mouse pad, or even a Rebels skateboard. Nominate ( someone you think we should profile. We think of this project more as a journey than as a destination–a search for the future of the practice of law in America. We hope you and your readers will come along for the ride. – Ed

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Sun, August 16th, 2009 by Graves and Allen

The Best iPhone Apps


Image courtesy of o"Reilly publishers

O’Reilly press recently released a new must get book by Josh Clark entitled “Best iPhone Apps”. As a dedicated appophile, I regularly look for newer and better apps to add to my outrageously large collection. Big as my collection has grown, the over 50,000 choices available at the App Store dwarfs my group of apps. The amazing size and continually rapid growth of the variety of available apps at the App Store makes it very difficult to keep up and impossible to get ahead of the game.

For those who have kept their app collection to a minimum, you are losing out on a great deal of enjoyment and entertainment, to say nothing of utility from available apps.

The one bad thing about the App Store is that some apps cost money and you have to buy them to try them. If you don’t like the app you bought, you can take it off your iPhone, but you cannot get a refund. As many functions have attracted numerous available apps from which you can choose, you can easily end up buying repetitively to end up with what you want.

While Clark’s book will likely lose currency in a short period of time, I still recommend it to you. The book will cost you $19.99 for a hard copy, $15.99 for an eBook version and $21.99 for both. Apps cost anywhere from nothing to at least $69.99 (that is the most expensive one I have found to date), with most of the apps that I have seen costing less than $9.99. It doesn’t take the HP 12c app emulator to calculate that the book can easily save you more than its cost before it becomes dated. At the same time, it will certainly help you make wise app choices. I found that Clark’s choices of top apps largely matched my own in those areas that I collected apps. We disagreed on about 10-15% of the choices; but I agree that his choices were also good. He left off a few of my choices in areas he did not address and included areas in which I have not collected apps. The novice or intermediate appophile should consider this book indispensable. The advanced appophile should find it desirable.

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