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Sony eReader Goes Bi-Platform

Sony has released a new version of its eBook Library software.  The eBook Liberary software allows computers to interface with the Sony eBook readers and to download materials from the Sony eBook Store and load them onto Sony eReaders.  The recently released version 3 of the eBook Library software works with both Mac and Windows OS computers.  This marks the first time that the Sony eReader has had full Mac OS compatibility (note that it requires Mac OS X 10.4.11 or later and is compatible with 10.5.6).

In the past Mac users had reason to shy away from acquiring the Sony eReader as it required a Windows OS computer to interface with the device and upload materials to it.  Unlike its Kindle counterpart from Amazon (aka Big Brother —see my previous post on Amazon manipulating content on Kindles), Sony has no wireless network to allow instant downloading of materials from its eBook Store (Amazon’s WhisperNet allows you to  download material purchased from Amazon Kindle Store directly to a Kindle, without a computer).

By the way, the new Windows Version works with 32 and 64 bit Vista and 32 bit XP systems.

One other piece of good news, the eLibrary now gives you access to the Google books public domain titles at no cost.

Image courtesy of Sony

Image courtesy of Sony

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