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Sun, January 31st, 2010 by Graves and Allen


A company called Thiphone has released two new devices designed for the iPhone, but compatible with the iPod Touch and many other smart phones.  You can get either or both of the two devices, for $24.95 each, from the Thiphone online store (

The Thiphone folks kindly supplied me with a review sample of each device.  The holster is an interesting clip on device that fits over a belt or strap and holds on to the smart phone.  It will accommodate some cases.  It does not itself provide much protection for your smart phone, however.  The device allows you to tilt the phone up, allowing you to use it without disconnecting it from the device or removing it from your belt.

Thiphone holster image courtesy of ThiphoneThiphone holster

The holster works well, but the phone does tend to move around a bit more than with a traditional style holster.  You may find that somewhat disconcerting.  On the other hand, it takes up less space under a jacket.

The flagship product, the Thiphone, allows you to strap the smart phone to your thigh for convenience and use it in that position.  The Thiphone was designed for the iPhone, but works with many other smart phones, the iPod Touch and other devices as well.  While you probably will not want to use the Thiphone device just to use your calendar, it does make some sense if you are watching a movie or doing something else requiring prolonged use of the device in a situation where you do not have a table (such as an airport) or a lot of space, such as on an airplane.

The Thiphone uses a suction cup to attach itself to your iPhone, smart phone or other device.  The concept works, at least some of the time.  It has some serious limitations.  To start with, the basic issue I have with suction cup connections is, well, that they suck.  When they hold, they work fine;  but they do have a tendency to release, often suddenly and without warning.  That could result in your device falling onto the floor and suffering damage.  Suction cups work best on smooth clean surfaces (such as the back of an iPhone outside of any case, or the hard and smooth surface of some cases.  If you have a cloth, leather or textured case, you will need to remove the phone from the case to get the suction cup attachment to work.    Suction cups work best if you clean them off with water prior to attaching them.  It also helps to leave some water on the cup’s surface to help create a bond to the device.  Be particularly careful in doing this as you have probably heard that water does not do good things to most electrical devices.

The Thiphone people would do well to combine the connection device used on their holster with the Thiphone as that would provide a more stable connection, although one most likely more limited in size.

Images courtesy of Thiphone

Images courtesy of Thiphone

ThiPhone with iPad image courtesy of Thiphone

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