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Tue, June 15th, 2010 by Graves and Allen


OK, so Apple has come up with a great new device called the iPad.  I got mine on April 30, 2010, because I chose to wait for the release of the 3G versions.  I really like the iPad and will write more about that in a later post.  I chose to write this post to warn all of you who may get an iPad 3G about a very serious rift between Apple and AT&T respecting the servicing of the iPad.

My iPad 3G works fine except for the cellular radio.  It failed shortly after I received the iPad.  We can discuss Apple’s quality control some other time. When it failed, I got “NO SERVICE” messages everywhere I went.  I contacted AT&T as I thought it was a network issue and was told repeatedly that AT&T does not support the iPad and that Apple provided all technical support respecting the iPad (even 3G network issues).  It will probably not surprise you to learn that contacting Apple tech support resulted in the finger pointing back to AT&T.  Apple tech support’s position was that AT&T had the responsibility of providing tech support for all 3G network related issues, as Apple could not provide support for AT&T’s network problems.

AT&T went so far as to tell me that they could not service the iPad, as Apple had not provided them with any information as to how to support the iPad.  AT&T’s store personnel and customer service personnel actually got downright surly about it.

I have long believed that Apple made a bad decision in partnering with AT&T and that AT&T represents the weakest part of the iPhone/iPad package.   That belief results from the frequently dropped calls, spotty coverage and poor customer service and support that AT&T has provided over the years and continues to provide now.  In this instance, however, I believe Apple and AT&T both equally share the responsibility for this situation.  Neither Apple nor AT&T provided accurate or adequate information to their customer service or first tier technical support personnel or, in the case of AT&T to their in-store employees and managers.

If you encounter similar problems with your iPad 3G(and I expect that you might as was told by an AT&T customer service supervisor that she had handled seven calls similar to mine that day), be sure that you get to second tier tech support.  I finally got my issue resolved (Apple sent me a replacement iPad) by getting to the second tier of Apple’s tech support and having the tech support person get a second tier AT&T tech support representative on the line.  A three-way conference call resolved the issue in about 20 minutes.  In that call, both the AT&T and the Apple second tier tech support representatives repeatedly apologized for their company’s mishandling of the problem and for the lack of correct information that the lower echelon tech support representatives had respecting the manner in which to address such problems and the issue of which company is responsible for what.

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Thu, June 10th, 2010 by Graves and Allen

New Issue of Technology eReport

I thought you would like to know that the GPSolo Division of the ABA has released a new Technology eReport.  You can read it online or download a PDF for later (put it on your iPad).
You can get it at:

The following lists the content of this issue:

●   Adding New Tools to Your Marketing Toolbox » Using social media and more to generate business.
● Error-Proof Your Law Firm With the Agile Daily Standup » Transforming your law practice by asking and answering three simple questions.
●    Converged Telephone Systems Allow Small Firms to Act Big » How advanced phone system features can enhance reachability, add office
efficiencies, and help smaller firms measure up against larger competitors.
●   MacNotes » News on iPhones, OS 4.0, iPads, and more.
●   TechNotes » Geeks for Lawyers: Hiring a Technology Support Provider
●    Sites for Sore Eyes » Law Practice SaaS sites.
● ProductNotes »
StarTech SATDOCK22R USB 2.0 to SATA Standalone Hard Drive Duplicator Dock.

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