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Samsung Galaxy S5

I recently bit the bullet and upgraded my Galaxy S4 to the newer S5. I have my Galaxy phones on a Verizon service plan and got the phone through Verizon. I have had the phone for about a week and it has impressed me positively. I like it better than the S4 and appreciate the faster speed and longer battery life between charges. While I like the S5 better than the S4, in reality they offer largely similar features and capabilities. I chose to upgrade as Verizon made me a very good deal on the upgrade package and because I wanted to compare the two phones. If it had not been for the special pricing, I would likely not have done it. In terms of recommendations, I have no hesitation in recommending the S5 as an outstanding piece of hardware. I would recommend it without hesitation to anyone wanting a new Android phone. If you already have a Galaxy S4, however, unless you get a very special deal on the upgrade pricing, it may not be worth the cost of upgrading to you.

I got a 16 GB S5 and immediately added a 128 GB Micro SD card to it. Although larger configurations of built-in memory are supposedly available, Verizon does not have them and, when I checked other providers, could not find any of the major providers offering a larger memory configuration. While the SD card memory works fine for media, it does not work for all Apps (you can move some Apps to the SD card and use that memory for them, but not all Apps work from the SD card).

The size and weight of the two devices is very similar, with the S5 being a trifle larger and a bit heavier. The S4 weighs in at 130 g and measures 70 x 137 x 7.9 mm, while the S5 weighs 145 g and measures of 73 x 142 x 8.1. The S5 sports a battery-saving 5.1” super AMOLED touch screen. The display is bright, clear, and sharp.

The Galaxy S5 has a 16-megapixel primary UHD camera that will take full HD video at 30 frames per second) and a 2-megapixel secondary camera for video conferencing.

The S5 comes with very fast quad-core processors. The larger size of the S5 also allows it to pack a larger battery. That, in combination with the low power demands of the Super AMOLED display allows the S5 a longer time between charges.

The Galaxy S5 comes in your choice of white, black or gold. I got the gold and like its looks very much. The overall appearance of the phone is excellent and it appears to be well and solidly made. I consider the hardware package superior to Apples iPhone 5s, although I still prefer the iOS to the Android OS, as I consider it easier to work with and more flexible. While the Google Play Store has shown substantial improvements recently, it still does not match up to the Apple iTunes Store, especially in the category of Apps (I consider the two very comparable when it comes to other media). On the hardware front, the real question will be the comparison of the Galaxy S5 to the iPhone 6/6 Plus.
Photo of a Samsung Phone

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