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Thu, June 12th, 2014 by Graves and Allen

Not So Smart File Examiner

Some time ago I downloaded an Mac App from the App Store called “Smart File Examiner”.  It billed itself as a program to help you check out files. I thought it was a good idea at first, but after installing it, I had some second thoughts.  For reasons not yet determined, when I tried to open a file (not within the program), with some files, the program intercepted the opening of the file, prohibited it and send mer a message saying that it could not figure out that type of file.

That the program could not figure out some files did not trouble me.  What concerned me was that it appeared to be insinuating itself into all files I tried to open and not letting me open some files that I chose to open.  I found that somewhat curious as it was not listed in the files that open automatically on launch and I had not opened it.  When I tried to turn it off, I discovered that the computer did not seem to know it was open (it did not appear in the Dock or in the list of open files brought up by “Force Quit”.  My next idea was to throw the program out, but as it was open, the OS would not let me dispose of it.

Ultimately, I figured out that the way to dispose of it would be to reboot into “Safe” mode (hold the shift key down while you boot up).  That prevented the program from opening and allowed me to trash it.  So far, so good.  To my surprise, however, I was not done with the problems caused by the program.  When I rebooted the computer, the finder would repeatedly flash on and off, making it impossible to work.  I solved that problem by reinstalling OS X on the computer.  Just to make sure that it was not a computer specific problem, I booted another Mac up in Safe mode and tossed out the Smart File Examiner.  When I rebooted the second Mac, lo and behold, the finder would flash on and off, making it impossible to do any work.  After reinstalling the system on the second Mac, I decided to do a little research and found that I was not the only person having issues with this particular App.  Although I did not find anything about the Finder issue I experienced, I found  a number of people who had experienced the initial issues I had with Smart File Examiner.  Maybe they never got to the Finder problem because most of the posts I read were from people looking for ways to delete the program.

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Sun, August 16th, 2009 by Graves and Allen

The Best iPhone Apps


Image courtesy of o"Reilly publishers

O’Reilly press recently released a new must get book by Josh Clark entitled “Best iPhone Apps”. As a dedicated appophile, I regularly look for newer and better apps to add to my outrageously large collection. Big as my collection has grown, the over 50,000 choices available at the App Store dwarfs my group of apps. The amazing size and continually rapid growth of the variety of available apps at the App Store makes it very difficult to keep up and impossible to get ahead of the game.

For those who have kept their app collection to a minimum, you are losing out on a great deal of enjoyment and entertainment, to say nothing of utility from available apps.

The one bad thing about the App Store is that some apps cost money and you have to buy them to try them. If you don’t like the app you bought, you can take it off your iPhone, but you cannot get a refund. As many functions have attracted numerous available apps from which you can choose, you can easily end up buying repetitively to end up with what you want.

While Clark’s book will likely lose currency in a short period of time, I still recommend it to you. The book will cost you $19.99 for a hard copy, $15.99 for an eBook version and $21.99 for both. Apps cost anywhere from nothing to at least $69.99 (that is the most expensive one I have found to date), with most of the apps that I have seen costing less than $9.99. It doesn’t take the HP 12c app emulator to calculate that the book can easily save you more than its cost before it becomes dated. At the same time, it will certainly help you make wise app choices. I found that Clark’s choices of top apps largely matched my own in those areas that I collected apps. We disagreed on about 10-15% of the choices; but I agree that his choices were also good. He left off a few of my choices in areas he did not address and included areas in which I have not collected apps. The novice or intermediate appophile should consider this book indispensable. The advanced appophile should find it desirable.

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Tue, May 26th, 2009 by Graves and Allen

iPhone Apps

The number of people who have iPhones and do not make use of the Apps available in the iTunes Store App Store amazes me.  If you have an iPhone and have not taken a good look at the App Store, you should.  If you don’t have an iPhone yet, take a look at the App Store, it may convince you that it is time to get an iPhone or, at least, an iPod Touch.  The iTunes store reports that it now has over 15,000 apps available, some free, some that you have to buy.

The range of apps runs from amusement to business to productivity to travel to substantive legal and medical information.  For example, I keep apps that provide the California Evidence Code, Federal Rules of Evidence and FRCP on my iPhone.  While Apps do not exist for all codes or even for all states, there are Apps for several codes in many states.  Check the store out for your state codes.

For those of you studying for a bar exam, the Law in a Flash series provides summaries and study aids for Constitutional Law, Federal Income Tax, Evidence, Real Property, Future Interests, Wills & Trusts, Criminal Law, Criminal Procedure, Corporations, Torts and Real Property.

Travel information abounds in the Apps Store.  I recently downloaded a number of additional Apps containing street maps, subway maps and general information about New York, in anticipation of a trip I will take there. New York is not the only city for which you can get travel information;  you can find it for many major cities throughout the world.  You can get information about restaurants (I like Zagat and UrbanSpoon the best).  You can get the local movie listings for wherever you happen to be in the US.

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The bottom line:  Without the App Store, the iPhone was one of the best phones around.  With it, everything else pales in comparison.

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