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Tue, May 20th, 2008 by Graves and Allen

Samsung Blackjack 2

Bridget Jones’s Diary the movie While I do not like the Windows mobile OS all that much, the current iteration has proven reasonably reliable and satisfactory. The Blackjack 2 is one of the best Windows-based smart phones that I have found. I like the form factor as it fits neatly in a shirt pocket and still provides a reasonably sized screen (non touch) and keyboard. Love Actually download Samsung has significantly improved the battery life over the original Blackjack.

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If you want to go with a Windows device, take a look at the Blackjack 2. We Own the Night download Lars and the Real Girl film

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It has proven quite satisfactory as a telephone and adequate to handle eMail.  I prefer both the Blackberry’s and the iPhone’s eMail handling to the Blackjack/Windows Mobile package, but it will get you your eMail and give you the ability to respond to it.  The Blackjack 2 will also handle pictures, music and storage of other information.

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Tue, May 20th, 2008 by Graves and Allen

iPhone 3G

So many people have said so much about the new iPhone, that I won’t take a lot of time to describe it or even to talk about it. Blood Work move It qualifies as the hottest, slickest and best phone currently on the market. I really enjoy mine. Everyone in my family now has an iPhone and they all love their iPhones. My wife even learned to text message on it and she loves to use it to check her email and look things up on the Internet while she is out and about.

I love all the apps that I can add to it. Some of them have proven very useful. The ATT 3G network provides much faster Internet access speeds than its Edge network. The call quality appears to have improved as well.

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The new software released with the 3G iPhone (version 2) greatly improves the iPhone’s eMail abilities.  Although I have been partial to the Blackberry for eMail for some time, Apple has added some new features that the Blackberry does not have and, in some ways I now prefer the iPhone to the Blackberry for eMail.  I find the iPhone’s ability to handle email completely satisfactory.

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You can easily add apps from the App Store, a division of the iTunes Store on the Apple website.  You have the choice of adding the apps through your computer and then synching them into the iPhone through iTunes or add them directly to your iPhone.  As some of the apps are fairly large, you will find that it works best to download them to your computer or to have your iPhone connected via WiFi when you download them.  Visit the Apple website at www.apple.com for more information or go directly to the App Store in the iTunes store and browse for apps.

My favorite non game apps include: Mobile News (a solid news aggregator), Tap Forms (a password protectable storage vault for your personal information such as credit card numbers, bank account numbers, etc.), Stocks (continuous reports on the Dow Jones, Nasdaq, S&P and other individual stocks of your choosing), Google (instant access for searching), ABA Journal (highlights of legal news), Now Playing (movies and times wherever you are in the US), Jott (notes you can leave yourself from any phone and recover on your iPhone in text), Yahoo One Connect (instant Yahoo), Evernote (grab it and store it), iWant (helps you locate restaurants, shops, etc. in your immediate vicinity) and TV.nu (what’s on TV). Surviving the Game ipod If you have trouble sleeping at night or just want some background noise when you relax, you might also take a look at Tranquility. It generates the sound of rain, waves crashing, a babbling brook, a forest at night and a few other sounds to help sooth your frazzled nerves or bore you to sleep.

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Tue, May 20th, 2008 by Graves and Allen

Palm Centro

I have tried the Centro on the Verizon and the ATT networks. It works well on both, providing all the features we have come to know and enjoy on Palm devices in a smaller and more compact form. Conquest of the Planet of the Apes psp I replaced my Treo with a Centro and have not missed the Treo’s bulk. The Centro’s screen is not as large as the Treo’s and I can’t read the screen without my glasses; but I couldn’t read the Treo’s screen without my glasses either, even though it is a bit larger. That is a function of my own age and diminishing near vision and something that moste of us will have to live with as we go kicking and screaming into the next phases of our lives.

The Centro handles eMail fairly well (I prefer the Blackberry and the iPhone to the Centro for eMail, but it does give you a good basic eMail service that many will find satisfactory).

The only real knock I have on the Centro results from the diminutive size that I like so much about it. I have thick fingers and that poses a bit of an issue with the very tiny keyboard on the Centro. I have finally developed reasonable skill with it, by learning to use my fingernails to strike the keys. The shape of the keys is so curved that fingernails work better than trying to use a stylus or a pen. Waking the Dead film I do not type as fast on the keyboard as I can on others, such as the Blackberry or the older and larger Treos; but I still like it better than the Treo. It runs on the Palm OS and works pretty well as a phone on both the ATT and the Verizon systems. For those of you that travel internationally, Palm offers it for direct sale in an unlocked GSM version.

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Verizon and ATT have very favorable pricing for the Centro in conjunction with two-year contracts.  Without the contract, you can get the Centro directly from Palm.  The last time I checked, ATT offered the Centro for $69 with a two-year contract, Verizon offered the Centro for $99 with a two-year contract and Palm sells the unlocked GSM version for $299.

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If you do not want the features of Apple’s iPhone, but still want a solid phone/PDA combination, the Centro may prove a good choice for you.  It does have the ability to store music, photographs, documents and other information;  it also works with FileMaker mobile and a large number of other programs that developers have built for the Palm OS platform over the years.

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