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Tue, November 10th, 2009 by Graves and Allen

WINDOWS 7– New OS, Same Old Story

Well, I bought a copy of Windows 7 Professional. I installed it (eventually) over a functional Vista installation on my Lenovo laptop. Before installing it, I ran all the tests that Microsoft set up about compatibility. The computer passed with flying colors. I started the installation…… A problem, the computer needed more space; I deleted some information from my hard drive to allow more space. Eventually, the installation succeeded and I had Windows 7 on the computer.

Initially, I reacted favorably to Windows 7. It appeared to run better than Vista and, in fact appeared to take less space on the hard drive than Vista. The computer seemed to run a bit faster on Windows 7. I was beginning to think that Microsoft actually did it this time, then it happened…… I put a CD into my DVD drive, so that I could reinstall some of the information I had deleted to allow Windows 7 to install itself on my computer. Nothing happened. I checked to see if the Windows system recognized the drive properly and discovered it did not. I dropped the drive fro the system and rebooted. This time, I saw the notice from Windows that it did not like the driver for the disk drive and blocked it. It told me that I needed an updated driver. I contacted Lenovo and they knew nothing about it. I checked the manufacturer’s web site and Microsoft’s website. I even did a full Internet search. No new driver existed.

So, I have a Lenovo laptop with Windows 7 and no DVD drive. I had hoped that Microsoft had finally done it right, but it seems that it is the same old stuff. Interestingly, when I installed Vista over XP, I had no such issues, although I know of others that did and I have had such issues with Microsoft in the past.

As it does appear that Windows 7 has the potential to be better than both XP and Vista, I will likely install it on other computers one day. Maybe the day after new drivers become available to enable me to use my DVD drive again. In the mean time, as it is clear that the compatibility tests do not do their job properly, I would delay installing Windows 7 on an existing computer for a while. It is apparently not a safe thing to do. If I were in the market for a new computer running Windows, however, I would likely not object to receiving it with Windows 7.

Copyright 2009, Jeffrey Allen.  All rights reserved.

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Wed, May 20th, 2009 by Graves and Allen

New Technology eReport

The ABA General Practice Division has released the latest issue of the Technology eReport.  It has a number of good articles and product reviews that you will enjoy.  Here is the list of contents:

Blogging Tips for Small Firms and Solos »

Anyone can do it, right? Ah, but can they do it well ?

Marketing Your Law Firm via the Internet »

How to improve your firm’s presence in cyberspace.


MacNotes »

Post-Steve Jobs offerings at Macworld.

SurvivingEmail »

How to become infamous on mailing lists.

Sites for Sore Eyes »

About time—

sites having to do with all things chronological.

ProductNotes »

Lenovo Ideapad S10, Clio, Filemaker Pro 10 Advanced and Cases for


DivisionNotes »

GP|Solo Spring Meeting Housing and Registration Deadlines!, Call for 2009

Diversity and Young Lawyer Fellowships Applications, ABA Economic Recovery


You can get your own copy free from the ABA General Practice, Solo and Small Firm Division website at: http://www.abanet.org/genpractice/ereport/vol8/num1/tech_ereport_mar09.pdf.

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Fri, January 9th, 2009 by Graves and Allen

On Using Netbooks

As most of you know, I have a strong preference for the Mac platform over the Windows platform. Notwithstanding that preference, I have continued to work with and explore the Windows platform so as to enable me to test software, evaluate it and report on it.  Recently the manufacturers of computers (other than Apple) that run Windows software have offered less and less expensive computers.  They have finally gotten to the point that instead of a premium for smallness and lightness, they are selling small, highly portable and lightweight computers for $300-400.

Manufacturers and pundits have joined in labeling the small new computers “netbooks”.  Understand that netbooks were intended to serve as traveling companions.  Notwithstanding that, some of the netbooks function sufficiently well that those with relatively light computer needs may choose to use a netbook as their primary computer.  While I require more power for many of the things that I do, often a netbook works just fine when I travel.  Often when traveling, I do not need more than a web and email appliance, a perfect use for the netbook.

You Kill Me video Heavy Load dvdrip

RV movies Most netbooks weigh less than 3 pounds and have 10“ or smaller displays making them small enough and light enough to travel easily.  The smaller size also means a smaller keyboard, which cuts against using it for serious word processing.  Most of them have single-core processors (the Atom processor is very popular).  When you look at netbooks, you may be surprised to learn that many manufacturers package them with XP Home.  (And you thought you couldn’t get XP any more…..)  Don’t try upgrading to Vista, the netbooks can’t handle the overhead and generally can’t take the RAM required for Vista to run well.  Count that as a blessing as XP remains the system of choice in the Windows world.  Netbooks generally come with wireless Internet capabilities and with an on-board webcam.  CD/DVD ROM drives cost extra and connect via USB ports.  You can get one for around $100 and use it to load software and to play DVDs.  Alternatively, you can download movie content to the S10 and play it back without connecting to a DVD drive.

When it comes to netbooks, you have a lot of choices.  I looked at several of them before finally deciding on the Lenovo S10 Ideapad.  I got my S10 at the end of December and have been quite happy with it.  Lenovo (www.lenovo.com) currently has the S10 on sale for $399 ($50 discount from list).

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Copyright 2009, Jeffrey Allen.  All rights reserved.

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