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Mon, June 22nd, 2009 by Graves and Allen

Partial Redemption for Mophie

A few weeks ago I wrote about my experience with the Mophie Juice Pack Air;  perhaps more accurately, I wrote about my experience with Mophie’s support and warranty service.  Since that post Mophie has somewhat redeemed itself as to its support and warranty service.  The jury remains out about the device, however.

Although Mophie’s support department never returned any of my telephone messages, several days after I wrote the last Mophie-related post, I received a call tag for the dead device.  I packaged the device up and gave it to the carrier.  Not quite a week later, I received an email telling me that Mophie had determined that my Juice Pack Air was defective and that they would ship me a replacement.  A week later I received the replacement white Mophie Juice Pack Air.  It appeared to be a brand new (as opposed to remanufactured) device.  Accoerdingly, while I do wish they had returned my phone call, I have no other substantial criticism of Mophie’s support or warranty service.

My testing of the Juice Pack Air has commenced anew as I have recently upgraded my iPhone to the Aple’s new iPhone 3Gs, operating on the new OS Version 3.

More on the testing later, as I remain concerned about the issue of signal blockage and have discovered that the new device will not talk to iTunes with my new phone and OS 3.0.

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Wed, May 20th, 2009 by Graves and Allen


(Pictures courtesy of Nadachair).

This post deals with a product that can help an aching back, or prevent one.  For some time, I have liked the NadaChair produced by a company with the same name.  You can check their website out at www.nadachair.com.  Nadachair sells a portable back support that you can easily take with you anywhere and that comes in a number of varieties ranging from the simple Nadachair itself to the Activest that have removable Nadachairs built into their structure.  With the Activest ($135), you get a useful travel or everyday vest that has a chair that you can use with the vest or remove and use separately, if you don’t want to wear the vest.  They call their flagship model the “Backup” and sell it for $70.  They also make a lighter and more portable version called the SlouchBuster that sells for $40.

The Activest has useful pockets inside and out, making it ideal for travel.  I have worn military style vests such as this for travel for a number of years as a matter of both comfort and convenience.  Having the Nadachair built into the package adds a bit of weight, but a lot of comfort as airport and airplane seating generally provide little support

You can use the support sitting on almost any chair or with your legs folded and sitting on the ground.

The Nadachair consists of a pad that supports your lower back, straps that go around each knee and buckles that let you tighten the straps to pull the pad up against your back and support it.  The system works well and makes your back feel much better than if you slouch while sitting as most of us do.  The Nadachair works great used with a laptop and the straps help stabilize the knees to provide a more solid (and safer) base for the computer.  I have found it particularly helpful on long plane trips as airplane seating generally does not provide the level of support that my back likes.

This nada really amounts to something.  Try it out.

Copyright 2009, Jeffrey Allen.  All rights reserved.

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