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Tue, September 16th, 2014 by Graves and Allen

New Portable ScanSnap Scanner iX100

Fujitsu has announced the release of a new scanner to its well respected ScanSnap line, the iX100. The smallest and most portable scanner in the line, the iX100 offers some real advantages to the mobile lawyer. It scans rapidly and uses wireless technology to send quality scans (up to 600 dpi) to computers, iOS and Android devices. The iX100 scans at a rate of 5.2 seconds in normal mode; weighs in at under a pound,and measures 10.75 x 1.87 x 1.42 inches. It can scan color and grayscale.

You do not need access to a wireless network to use the wireless capabilities of the iX100 as it comes with a built-in WiFi transmitter allowing you to connect your computer, Android or iOS device to the iX100 using its own Wi-Fi signal. You can also use USB to scan to a computer. The iX100 works with both the Mac OS and Windows. It comes with ABBY FineReader, ScanSnap Organizer and CardMinder for both the Mac OS and Windows.

Scanning to a mobile device requires installation of a free app, available for iOS and Android. Once the app is installed, it lets you scan a document directly to your mobile device.

When scanning to a computer, the software lets you choose between sending the scanned image to the computer or to a cloud storage service.

Fujitstu designed the scanner for mobility and built it compactly. One of the tradeoffs is the lack of a document feeder,such as you would likely have on a larger scanner. The absence of the feeder is a common tradeoff for small portable compact scanners. It is designed for scanning a few documents at a time, not mass quantities of documents.

The iX100 lists for $229. It has just come out and I do not know if it will be available at discounted prices in the near future. You can always check on line to see. If you have a regular need to scan documents outside of your office and need better quality than you can get from your smartphone, the iX100 is a solid choice.
Photo of a Scanner

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Tue, May 26th, 2009 by Graves and Allen

iPhone Apps

The number of people who have iPhones and do not make use of the Apps available in the iTunes Store App Store amazes me.  If you have an iPhone and have not taken a good look at the App Store, you should.  If you don’t have an iPhone yet, take a look at the App Store, it may convince you that it is time to get an iPhone or, at least, an iPod Touch.  The iTunes store reports that it now has over 15,000 apps available, some free, some that you have to buy.

The range of apps runs from amusement to business to productivity to travel to substantive legal and medical information.  For example, I keep apps that provide the California Evidence Code, Federal Rules of Evidence and FRCP on my iPhone.  While Apps do not exist for all codes or even for all states, there are Apps for several codes in many states.  Check the store out for your state codes.

For those of you studying for a bar exam, the Law in a Flash series provides summaries and study aids for Constitutional Law, Federal Income Tax, Evidence, Real Property, Future Interests, Wills & Trusts, Criminal Law, Criminal Procedure, Corporations, Torts and Real Property.

Travel information abounds in the Apps Store.  I recently downloaded a number of additional Apps containing street maps, subway maps and general information about New York, in anticipation of a trip I will take there. New York is not the only city for which you can get travel information;  you can find it for many major cities throughout the world.  You can get information about restaurants (I like Zagat and UrbanSpoon the best).  You can get the local movie listings for wherever you happen to be in the US.

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The bottom line:  Without the App Store, the iPhone was one of the best phones around.  With it, everything else pales in comparison.

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The Spider Woman trailer

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Wed, May 20th, 2009 by Graves and Allen


(Pictures courtesy of Nadachair).

This post deals with a product that can help an aching back, or prevent one.  For some time, I have liked the NadaChair produced by a company with the same name.  You can check their website out at www.nadachair.com.  Nadachair sells a portable back support that you can easily take with you anywhere and that comes in a number of varieties ranging from the simple Nadachair itself to the Activest that have removable Nadachairs built into their structure.  With the Activest ($135), you get a useful travel or everyday vest that has a chair that you can use with the vest or remove and use separately, if you don’t want to wear the vest.  They call their flagship model the “Backup” and sell it for $70.  They also make a lighter and more portable version called the SlouchBuster that sells for $40.

The Activest has useful pockets inside and out, making it ideal for travel.  I have worn military style vests such as this for travel for a number of years as a matter of both comfort and convenience.  Having the Nadachair built into the package adds a bit of weight, but a lot of comfort as airport and airplane seating generally provide little support

You can use the support sitting on almost any chair or with your legs folded and sitting on the ground.

The Nadachair consists of a pad that supports your lower back, straps that go around each knee and buckles that let you tighten the straps to pull the pad up against your back and support it.  The system works well and makes your back feel much better than if you slouch while sitting as most of us do.  The Nadachair works great used with a laptop and the straps help stabilize the knees to provide a more solid (and safer) base for the computer.  I have found it particularly helpful on long plane trips as airplane seating generally does not provide the level of support that my back likes.

This nada really amounts to something.  Try it out.

Copyright 2009, Jeffrey Allen.  All rights reserved.

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